Stifterverband: Innovativ durch Forschung 2020/2021 Finanziert von der Europäischen Union - NextGenerationEU

Panel Heating

BURK fastening technology

for floor and wall installed heating tubes according to European standards.

We offer the broadest series of new, constructively improved staples currently available in Europe; several advancements, innovations, enhanced functionality and safe handling.

  • Categories for our staples: BASIC, PREMIUM and EXCLUSIVE
  • Magazines with adhesive paper tape up to a width of 25 mm; aluminum tape for more functional reliability in heat and coldness, for longer storage time and for thermal sealing
  • Packaging, labeling and repackaging to ensure shipment in accordance with clients’ preferences
  • Staples with toggle hinges
  • Setter clips/wire mesh clips (mainly used in Austria)
  • Mini clip for small-diameter tubes
  • Angle clasp as an open construction for easy handling
  • Screed measuring point for professional marking
  • Ledges for floor and wall clips to ensure stability even under pressure
  • Supporting needles to fixate floor and wall clip ledges
  • Stud riders to fasten tubes when using stud plates
  • Sheet clips for sheet fixation

Click here to enlarge our current flyer on the BURK fastening technologies for panel heating.