Stifterverband: Innovativ durch Forschung 2020/2021

Medical Technology

We own flexible manufacturing units that enable us to fabricate extremely sophisticated and innovative products. This ensures a high level of safety and precision, two aspects of particular importance in the field of medical technology.

In addition to contract production (i.e. client provides tools), we offer development of new products, tool manufacturing, prototype design, serial production as well as small and test series, where we always work in close coordination with our clients.

Besides developing and fabricating parts or assemblies, we also manufacture complete units and appliances, for which we are able to also include third-party components.

  • Functional parts and complex units
  • Input, operating and control elements and appliances
  • Base bodies, casings, shells, covers
  • Controllers, scales, screens, displays, transparent vision panels
  • Small tubes, sheaths, rods
  • Fastening elements, hose and cable holders, clips
  • Handles, stands, rollers
  • Small parts, consumables
  • Further processing through print, paint and laser
  • Bundling or single packaging
  • Shipping complete with imprint, label inside package and separate shipment packaging
  • Storage, inventory management, logistics