Stifterverband: Innovativ durch Forschung 2020/2021

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

The market segment presents us with permanently expanding application possibilities of plastic products and parts. Metal is substituted due to the numerous advantages of using plastic. These include lighter component weight, mechanical properties, heat resistance, no corrosion, low electric conductivity (insulation) and chemical resistance.

Thanks to our experience and high technical expertise, we can offer, develop and fabricate solutions to support our clients in their specific field of business.

We provide contract production (i.e. client provides tools) and development, construction, tool manufacturing, prototype design, small/test series, and large-batch production for new products.

Further processing and refinement involve print, laser, paint, metalizing, fitting, assemblies, finishing, packaging, storage and logistics.

Among others, we specialize in:

  • Input, operating and control displays, elements and appliances
  • Functional parts for basic and more advanced tasks
  • External handling devices
  • Overmolding of metal parts, e.g. for insulation purposes
  • Base bodies, casings, covers, frames, track cleats, ledges
  • Vision panels made from transparent plastic
  • Buttons, switches, scales
  • Gear wheels, rollers, spacers
  • Fastening elements for power cords, hose holders, clips