Stifterverband: Innovativ durch Forschung 2020/2021 Finanziert von der Europäischen Union - NextGenerationEU

Electrical Industry

BURK’s target markets (automotive, electrical industry, medical technology, mechanical/plant engineering) are closely linked. Due to this fact, our plastic injection molded products can reach similar and high standards.

Besides contract production (i.e. client provides tools), we provide further services in terms of development, tool manufacturing, prototype design, serial production as well as small and test series, where we always work in close coordination with our clients.

Specialist fields include:

  • Plug-in connectors and sensors
  • Complex, fully automated units
  • Input, operating and control elements and appliances
  • Casings and covers
  • Screens, controllers, scales, transparent vision panels
  • Ledges, frames
  • Handles, stands, (gear-)wheels, rollers
  • Functional parts
  • Unit assembly
  • Fabrication of entire and complex components
  • Inclusion of third-party parts possible

Further processing:

  • Print, laser, paint
  • Metalizing
  • Single packaging
  • Finishing
  • Labeling, packaging
  • Storage
  • Logistics