Stifterverband: Innovativ durch Forschung 2020/2021 Finanziert von der Europäischen Union - NextGenerationEU


Patented new developments

For more than 10 years, we have been using our own tools and technologies for fastening in the field of panel heating. No product improvements have been introduced to the market throughout the last years.

BURK Kunststofftechnik is now offering a new and broad range of patented products. This enables system providers to offer innovative solutions to wholesalers that they will get exclusively from them.



Throughout its more than 20 years, BURK Kunststofftechnik has always recorded a high level of sustainable growth. Our expansion strategy is built upon our readiness to invest at all times.

Effectivity improvements through further automation

We reduce manual handling by implementing additional automation, specially designed and manufactured to satisfy our particular needs. This will enhance the reliability of our processes as well as their efficiency.